Serene Tree HHC Watermelon vape juice – 1200mg

The Serene Tree HHC 1200mg Watermelon vape juice features a crisp,fruity and refreshing experience. This Serene Tree HHC vape juice is a deliciously sweet and natural tasting Watermelon flavor that will leave you refreshed. If you love fruit vapes and hemp derived THC, then this is the vape juice for you! Further details about our world famous THC vape juice is featured below.

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Serene Tree HHC 1200mg Watermelon Vape Juice Specifications:

30mls total liquid
Naturally and artificially flavored.
This product in not meant for oral consumption
Contains 1200mg HHC
Contains 0.0% Delta-9 THC
Serene Tree HHC Vape Juice Ingredients:

60% Vegetable Glycerine
40% Propylene Glycol
Natural & Artificial Flavorings
Serene Tree HHC Distillate

Directions for use:
Dosage size may vary person to person, Experiment with taking no more than 1 drop and waiting up 15 minutes for an effect. Repeat until desired outcome is achieved. This product is not intended nor is it advertised to treat any medical issue. Keep out of reach of persons under 21 years of age.

Serene Tree HHC Watermelon vape juice – 1200mg

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